Strawberries – Pick-Your-Own & Already Picked

Strawberry season is typically mid-late April, May, and the first week or two of June.

Please call to check availability if weather is questionable. (704) 797-0013


Important Information about 2020 Strawberry Season Procedures Due to COVID-19

  • Pick your own update June 3, 2020:  We will be offering pick-your own-strawberries as an add on option for our Drive-Thru Experience on June 5 & 6, 2020.  This allows us to offer pick-your-own by appointment only so we can properly social distance people and control crowds.  Click here to purchase tickets to the Drive-Thru Experience.
    • Previous Pick Your Own: We will NOT be offering pick-your-own strawberries at this time due to the Stay-at-Home order. Please check back in for updates after the Second Phase Restrictions May 22nd.
      UPDATE:  May 22, 2020- Pick Your Own fields are still closed due to wet field conditions.
  • We have implemented a strawberry drive-thru line for pre-paid or purchase onsite strawberries.
  • When you arrive at the farm to pick-up your strawberries please FOLLOW THE SIGNAGE for the strawberry drive-thru line. It is important to follow the signage to keep traffic flowing.
  • We ask that you DO NOT exit your vehicle while in the drive-thru line.
  • If you need to purchase other items from our market, please park in the parking lot, and ONLY 1 PERSON PER VEHICLE may enter the market at a time.
  • Only 5 shoppers may be in the market at a time to keep with state and federal restrictions on the number of people in a store at a time based on the square footage of the space.
  • Our barnyard and other activities are NOT open currently.



2020 Strawberry Season is Here!


Strawberry Updates

Thursday, June 4, 2020 – Brace yourself for some berry exciting news! We are offering a NEW way to enjoy pick-your-own strawberries for the last 2 weeks of the season. That’s right you heard/read correctly… pick-your-own strawberries will be available but only as an ADD ON option for our Seek & Find Drive-Thru Farm Experience. Click here to purchase tickets and learn more about policies and requirements!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 – Strawberry Satellite Stands in Salisbury and Concord are NOW OPEN! Visit our satellite stand webpage for more info. Pick-your-own strawberries at our farm location off of Caldwell Road are still not available.

Friday, April 17, 2020 – We are now selling pre-picked strawberries. Pick-your-own strawberries are currently not available. Stay tuned for updates.

To follow proper social distancing guidelines, we are changing how we are handling strawberry season this year.




Strawberry Drive-Thru Map

Click the map below to view the strawberry drive-thru route vs. the regular curbside pickup route and location. Curbside pickup is ONLY for people who have purchased other items from our market, besides just strawberries. The drive-thru line is for people who have either pre-purchased or want to purchase onsite strawberries only and do not need any other items from the market.


2020 Strawberry Season Farm Map




Click the link above to view our COVID-19 Fact Sheet with details on our farm’s safety procedures.




Pre-picked strawberries are $16 per 4-quart basket and $5 per quart. This includes tax which in previous years it has not.

Once pick-your-own strawberry fields are open, there is not an entry fee to pick strawberries, you pay for what strawberries you pick. Pick your own strawberry prices for 2020 are $16 per 4-quart basket which includes tax.  As of June 3, 2020 Pick Your Own strawberries are only available June 5 & 6, 2020 by appointment as an added option for our drive thru experience.

We provide baskets for you to pick and carry your strawberries home. Due to COVID-19, pick-your-own customers will have to get a NEW container if they make a return visit to pick strawberries. Pick-your-own customers are not permitted to bring baskets from home to pick and put their berries in.



Strawberry Loyalty Card:

Pick 5 baskets* and pick your 6th basket for free!**
*Baskets equal 4 quarts
**Only valid at Caldwell Road location

This offer applies to pick-your-own strawberries only and NOT pre-picked strawberries.




We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Please have exact change if you are paying with cash. 

We HIGHLY encourage everyone to pre-order their strawberries from our ONLINE STORE before your visit to save time for everyone. This is due to the restrictions and procedures we have put in place due to COVID-19.

Pay ahead for your strawberries to limit transactions in-person by purchasing from our online store. Click the button below.



Satellite Strawberry Stand Locations:

These locations are NOW OPEN as of April 21, 2020.

Our satellite locations are open Monday – Saturday during strawberry season*(typically May). The satellite stand locations open as soon as we get strawberries picked from the field and delivered to the stand (approximately 8:30) until we sell out. Stands typically open at 9 a.m.

Call (704) 857-5242 for information about our Patterson Farm satellite locations.

Location #1:
W. Innes Street beside Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo address is:
1300 West Innes Street
Salisbury, NC 28144

Location #2:
Mr. C’s
1260 Concord Parkway North
Concord, NC 28025




Our farm practices GAPS (Good Agricultural Practice Standards) and food safety is our highest priority, therefore pets (with the exception of service dogs) are not allowed on our farm. No pets are allowed in our production fields. All guests will be required to wash their hands prior to picking strawberries (once pick-your-own strawberries are available and open).

If your pet rides with you to our farm, please keep them restricted to your vehicle. In addition to GAPS, this is for their safety as we have two Great Pyrenees dogs which are our livestock guardian dogs. They live in the barnyard with our animals and are tasked with protecting our barnyard animals. We do not want them mistaking your pet for a threat to our barnyard animals’ safety.

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