Virtual Strawberry Tours

Virtual Strawberry Tour


Recommended for: Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

When: April 26 – May 28, 2021
Monday – Friday by appointment only (9 a.m., 10:30 a.m., or 1 p.m.)


$10.00 (includes tax)
Children under 2 are admitted free
Two teachers per class are admitted free
Minimum of 10 paying guests

* For Out of State Groups/Schools please call 704-636-4005 or email  to book your virtual tour.


Patterson Farm Market & Tours staff have been working extremely hard to develop a virtual field trip program to best recreate the experience of an onsite field trip to the farm. Our goal is to always educate students on the importance of agriculture education and how essential the agriculture industry and its workers are to the community. Students will virtually visit our farm and strawberry patch here at the farm. This tour will teach children all there is to know about strawberries. They will learn how we grow strawberries, the history behind strawberries, and do hands-on craft along with one of our staff members. This tour will also include a virtual wagon ride around our farm and a trip to the barn to learn about some of our barnyard friends.



Either in class on a scheduled day chosen by the teacher where the virtual trip is teacher-led OR at home when students are completing one of their virtual learning days outside of the classroom (Patterson Farm staff-led).


How it Works:

Teachers will need to book tour dates and times just like any other traditional field trip. Teachers will need to decide if they will complete the virtual tour in the classroom or if students will complete the tour at home.  Teachers will also schedule a time prior to the tour for materials to be delivered to the school for distribution to students. Materials are delivered at no charge for a 25-mile radius. There is a delivery fee beyond 25 miles.


What’s Included:

In Class/Teacher Led: By choosing this option you are choosing to complete this tour with your class on days in which students are in class. Teachers will be given access to our Google Slides curriculum, activities, videos, check for understanding questions and interactive worksheets including pre and post-assessment that can be used for a grade and turned in through Google Classroom. Patterson Farm Market and Tours will also deliver to the school materials for the hands-on activity as well as fun farm takeaways which will include a pint of strawberries and an activity book. After the tour is completed a scheduled time will be appointed for your class to virtually visit the farm via Zoom to answer questions about the tour and possibly show students around the property. The Google Slide Virtual Strawberry Patch Tour portion will last about one hour, and the Zoom call with our staff will last approximately 30 minutes.

At Home/Patterson Farm Staff Led: By choosing you are choosing to have your students complete this virtual tour at home on one of their virtual learning days, Students will need to login to Zoom and use a Zoom member ID number and password to login which will be provided by our Patterson Farm Staff. Once students are logged in a Patterson Farm Staff member will present the entire Virtual Tour for your students. The virtual tour includes approximately 30 minutes of pre-recorded videos and activities. In the Google Slides presentation students will get to do a hands-on activity simulating bees and pollination. The materials for this tour will be delivered to your school before your virtual tour. The materials will be prepackaged and ready for your students to use. Students will also get an activity book for this tour, and a voucher to receive a pint of strawberries here at the market.  After the presentation portion of the virtual tour one of our Patterson Farm Staff will be able to take you around the farm property so your students can get to be up close and personal with some of our animals and either chat either about the Buzz on Bees tour or about farm life in general. We hope to be able to answer as many questions as we can.


Both Tours Include the Following Google Slides Presentation:

  • Official Welcome to our Farm
  • Whole-Class Discussion Questions
  • History of Strawberries
  • Strawberry Life Cycle
  • Strawberry Growing Process
  • Benefits of Strawberries
  • How We Pick Strawberries
  • Parts of a Strawberry
  • Bees and Pollination
  • Strawberry Facts
  • Hands-on Activity
  • Virtual Visit to the Barnyard
  • Virtual Wagon Ride Around the Farm
  • Fun Farm Take Away (Plant)
  • Strawberry Activity Book


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