Virtual Educational Tours for Fall

Posted on September 1, 2020 in Blog Posts

Things have been a little different this year and we definitely miss seeing everyone at the farm! As we all continue to adjust to this new world we are living in, we have decided to adapt our field trip experience. We have spent countless hours trying to recreate the same experience students would experience by actually being at the farm, but virtually. Just because things are changing doesn’t mean that our students have to miss out on the fun trips and educational value that comes with tours here at Patterson Farm. That is why we have decided to offer virtual tours for students! We have three different virtual tours to choose from, depending on your classroom preference and curriculum. There will be a new virtual tour every month and will only be available until the end of that specific month. For September we have the Virtual Corn Maize Tour and for October, the Virtual Pumpkin Patch Tour.  To learn more about each specific tour, keep reading!


How Tours Work


Just like a traditional in-person field trip, our virtual tours will need to be booked in advance by the teacher. From there, the teacher has to decide if they would like to complete the tour as a class or is students will be completing the tour on their own time at home. This is perfect for virtual learning days where students may be limited in the classroom and the tour must be completed at home. Note: tours need to be scheduled enough in advance for materials to be delivered to the school and distributed to the students. Materials are included and delivered for free within a 25-mile radius. There is a fee for any school farther than 25 miles away. Whether your students are doing this in-person, or at home, a Google Slide Presentation will be provided that includes corresponding information on their chosen topic.




If the in-person option is chosen for a virtual tour, teachers will be given access to a specific Google Slide Presentation about their chosen tour that includes activities, videos, and more! We will deliver all of the necessary materials to your school for free within 25 miles so that you have everything you need for your students!


Patterson Staff Led


If the Patterson Staff Led option is chosen, this means that students will be completing the virtual tour from their home on Zoom. They will be provided with a login by our staff that will lead them to the virtual pre-recorded presentation full of activities led by one of our team members. After the initial presentation is complete, an extended portion of the call will allow students to virtually tour the farm and everything they just learned about, and also ask our staff questions.


Virtual Corn Maize Tour


The Virtual Corn Maize Tour is offered September 8 – September 25, Monday-Friday by appointment. The cost is $10 a student and lasts one hour with a question and answer portion lasting 30 minutes. In this virtual tour, students will be able to virtually complete our corn maize by correctly answering questions about the history of corn, modern-day corn, and how the corn growing process works. Every time they answer a question correctly, they will be shown the correct direction to help them finish the maize. Students will also receive a bag of kettle corn and maize activity workbook! To learn more about the Virtual Corn Maize Tour, visit our website here.



Virtual Pumpkin Patch Tour


For October, the virtual tour offered will be a Virtual Pumpkin Patch Tour for students. This tour is available September 28 – Ocotber 30 and the cost is $10 per student.  On this tour, students will learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin, the pumpkin growth process, pumpkin facts, and more! They will even get to take away an activity book and pie pumpkin once they have completed the tour. To learn more about our virtual pumpkin patch tour, click here.



We sure do miss seeing everyone on the farm in-person, but we are so happy that we are able to still interact with students virtually and educate them on the importance of the agriculture industry and the essential role that agriculture workers play in the community. Sign up today for one of our exciting virtual tours and we’ll see you on the screen soon!

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