Poinsettia Season

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Have you ever wondered why the Poinsettia is associated with Christmas? To understand the origin of this beautiful plant and its ties to the holiday season, we have to venture back to 17th century Mexico. It is believed that during this time period, Franciscan Monks began using this flower in their Nativity processions. Around this same time, the Christmas folklore or Pepita and the Poinsettias also came to the forefront.

Legend has it that a poor, young girl named Pepita was traveling to visit a Nativity scene at a chapel, but did not have a gift, nor the money to purchase a gift, worthy of Jesus. Her brother told her that no matter how small the gift, Jesus would appreciate the gesture more than the gift itself. For this reason, Pepita gathered a bouquet of weeds that she found on the side of the road. Upon arrival at the chapel, Pepita placed the bouquet to the Nativity Jesus and it suddenly burst into a beautiful bouquet that we now know as Poinsettias.

The secret of this red plant remained confined in the small Mexican towns that are credited to its origin. That is until a man named Joel Roberts Poinsett introduced the plant to the United States. Poinsett was a passionate botanist and also helped found the well-known Smithsonian Institute. When he first saw the plant, Poinsett became enchanted with its beauty and started growing the plant in a greenhouse in South Carolina to ship them back to his home. When the plants were in their most beautiful state, full red bloom, he shared them with his family and friends, unknowingly igniting a Christmas tradition. In 1836, the plant was officially named after the man who brought it to the United States and created a tradition that is still celebrated today.



History at Patterson

The history of Poinsettias at Patterson Farm goes back 45 years. These beautiful blooms have been growing in Rowan County by four-generations of farmers to sell at Christmas time. It all started with Phyllis Patterson, the mother of Doug and Randall Patterson, the current owners of Patterson Farm. She first planted the idea of growing Poinsettias in an unused greenhouse at nearby Twin Oak Farms which was owned by her husband Carl’s dad. She knew that the greenhouse was only being used 6 months out of the year for tomatoes, so she made the offer to rent the greenhouse, pay for the fuel, and grow a crop of Poinsettias. Before they knew it, they had a greenhouse full of beautiful blooming plants.

After years of traveling across the state, dealing with unpredictable weather conditions, and the general learning curve that comes with a new crop, Phyllis created a legacy that continues on today. The Poinsettias are no longer grown in the Twin Oaks Farm greenhouse, but can now be found growing off of Millbridge Road in China Grove. These Poinsettias bring joy and beauty to churches, businesses, and individuals, as well as be used for fundraisers. Even though Phyllis has turned over the management of the flowers, she still visits the plants almost every day to watch them mature throughout the season.

Poinsettias are a staple in the Patterson Family and holiday family photos are always featuring the beautiful blooms. At the wedding of Randall and Nora Patterson, Phyllis’s son and daughter-in-law. The church was filled with red and white plants and the bridesmaids carried bouquets of Poinsettias.



Types of Poinsettias

At Patterson Farm, we have a variety of Poinsettia colors for you to choose from.

Red: Red Poinsettias are classic and remain the most popular color.

White: White Poinsettias are a snow-white shade that blends well with any foil color and bow.

Pink: Pink Poinsettias set the tone for holiday décor with just a touch of color.

Marble: Marble Poinsettias are creamy-white with soft pink centers and make an elegant presentation.

Picasso: Picasso Poinsettias have large, painterly, bicolor bracts in a rich cream-color speckled and brushed with red.

Jingle Bell: Jingle Bell is a very festive color and is a community favorite. Jingle Bell has red bracts that appear to have white splattered on them.

Winter Rose: The Winter Rose Poinsettia is a beautiful double bloom Poinsettia. It provides great interest and is an exciting addition to the traditional.

Burgundy: These deep Burgundy Poinsettias have large velvet-like bracts. This Poinsettia blends well with burgundy décor.

Ice Punch: The Ice Punch Poinsettia is cranberry red and punctuated with frosty white center markings.


Each Poinsettia comes with a complimentary foil wrap and bow in any combination of the following colors:

Foil colors: green, gold, and pink

Bow colors: red, white, pink, and burgundy.



This year, our newest color of Poinsettia is the Picasso. This plant has large, painterly, bicolor bracts in a rich cream color speckled and brushed with red. The Picasso similarly resembles the Monat, a consumer favorite, but is much easier for breeders to manage. This is not your typical Poinsettia that can be found on display in your local supermarket and the pattern on each plant is not always identical. We suggest using green or gold foil with a red or white bow to complete the entire look!



Fundraising vs. Retail vs. Wholesale

Our Poinsettias are available starting November 20 – December 23. Visit our greenhouse and hand-select your Poinsettias! Our greenhouse is located at 3480 Millbridge Road China Grove, NC 28023. We are open Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. – 12 p.m., and closed Sunday.


Our retail pricing for any color Poinsettia is as follows:


Pot Size

Price With Foil With Foil & Bow
4” $5.00 $6.00 $7.00
6” $10.00 $11.00 $12.00
8” $19.00 $20.00 $22.00
Poinsettia Garden $30


Our wholesale pricing is as follows:

Pot Size Blooms Pricing
4” 4 to 6 $4.00
6” 6 to 8 $6.00
8” 10 to 12 $14.00
Poinsettia Garden* Available in limited colors 45-50 $20.00


Looking for a fund-raiser for your school, club, or organization? Patterson Poinsettias are a great way to spread holiday cheer and provide an easy gifting option for participants. We suggest that you have a 2-week sale and we will need one week to process the order once it is received. The price to your school or organization is $9 per plant, and we suggest selling each plant for $11. That’s a $2 profit per plant!

For additional information or an order form, contact Anna Woodbury at 704.857.5242 or poinsettias@pattersonfarminc.com. Visit our website www.pattersonfarminc.com for more information!


When you purchase your Poinsettias, submit photos of your plant and your home décor for a chance to be featured on Patterson Farm’s social media! Email photos to social@pattersonfarmevents.com!



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